On Terminating the Philippine-US Bases Treaty

“Today marks a historic moment for all Filipinos. We have taken the first step in terminating an agreement that was executed in 1947 during the days of lingering US colonialism. This morning’s action of the Philippine panel signals to the nation a resolve to chart a new and truly independent course in which all dealings with foreign governments shall uphold the dignity and sovereignty of the Philippines. All Filipinos must bear in mind that ours is one nation, with one future. We must continue to build a nation which is peaceful, prosperous and proud — a nation for ourselves and for our children.”

— The Philippine Government, represented by the Philippine Panel on the US Bases Exploratory Talks, issuing a Notice of Termination of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement on May 15, 1990, a day after both countries formally held exploratory talks about the matter at the  Central Bank (now Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) building in Manila. The announcement above was read by panel spokesperson and then Tourism Undersecretary Rafael Alunan (who would later become Local Govt. Secretary) and cited in the book, A Matter of Honor: The Story of the 1990-91 RP-US Bases Treaty written by ex-Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Alfredo R. A. Bengzon, who was vice-chair of the Philippine panel

Bongbong Marcos, first Filipino on the moon

Bongbong Marcos  Doveglion cover


FROM High Fly the Honeymoon Nixons, an article written by Quijano de Manila quoting US president Richard Nixon’s dinner speech delivered in Malacañang during his one-day visit to the Philippines in August 1969. The article was also included in a 1977 anthology Doveglion and Other Cameos by the same author.

“When Mrs. Marcos visited the United States in May, 1968, in her party was a young Filipino who indicated a great interest in our space program and great knowledge of it and as a result the State Department sent him to Cape Kennedy to evaluate the space program. After he looked it over, he said he would like to put in a request to be the first Filipino to go to the moon.
“Tonight I have an announcement to make. On the first vehicle that carries passengers to the moon, Bongbong will be on that vehicle. This is just to make it official. And if because of his age he won’t be able to go to the moon, maybe we can have him to on the first vehicle to Mars!”


*Bongbong Marcos photo from www.starbulletin.com