Poem: Bring Me the Head of Tim Yap Superstar Columnist!

Yup, he's the guy.

Below is a poem by award-winning poet, fellow tippler, and literary felon Amado Bajarias Jr. which he wrote a few years back. Just find it fitting to post and share it after Yap, a self-proclaimed eventologist mistakenly identified an Inquirer reporter for winning the P741 million ($16.5 million) jackpot. This was reposted previously in eatingthesun.blogspot.com. [See: eatingthesun.blogspot.com, Amado Bajarias Jr., Reporter fears for life after Tim Yap tweet]

infecting the feckless
with their mi-droga tu-droga
faux naif venom
Manolo Blahnik et Prada et Miu-Mui
as Weltanschaung chi-chi

these post-Weltschmerz,
post-kitsch, post-irony,
post-cynicism, post-posturing,
post-superficiality, post-hype
post-hubris, post-epater les bourgeois
Nosferatu kindred
with their Roppongi pallor
cultivated in the ciggie-smoke
of buy-this-and-buy-that

I need to see them tortured, squealing
like abattoir pigs

My God Marcos was right
to ban them society pages
with their pasty-white
flash-bulb denizens
each another
fawning fake-smiles for photo ops
in the Grand Guignol style

I need to see them
faute de mieux disembowelled
on a rotating spit

Marcos was right to shut them down
a pity he stopped short
of giving them a coup de grace
to their oh-so-chic
beaucoup heads