Reading, Fast and Slow (or the Top 6 books I’ve read in 2015)

(Apologies to Daniel Kahneman, who wrote Thinking Fast and Slow, the inspiration for the title of this blog entry. The same book is also mentioned below.) 

Some books grab you by the balls and never let go unless you’re finished with them (or, for that matter, finished with you). Other books are far less dramatic, allowing you to dip into several pages on occasion, while in between meals, naps, or commutes. 

This, more or less, illustrates my life as a reader in 2015. Continue reading

Ellin on worker motivation

“While many programs bolster self-esteem and promote good cheer — it can be fun, after all, to pelt the boss with paint — most take place away from the office and all the frustrations and power struggles that go with it. As a result, critics say, they tend to create an artificial, almost vacation-like atmosphere that has little relevance in the real corporate world.”

— From Motivational Missteps by Abby Ellin in the New York Times Management Reader: Hot Ideas and Best Practices from the New World of Business

Brackenbury on promoting growth

Car purchase does not include female model. From

“The best advice, though, may come from Nigel Brackenbury, the head of Ford’s operation in Moscow, a particularly hard market to crack: Plan ahead and then improvise. “When will the crisis end?” he asked in 1999, speaking of the unpredictability of doing business in a country that is still lurching clumsily from a centrally planned economy to an open market. “It won’t,” was his terse reply to his own question. “It’s the challenge for all of us in Russia to put together strategies to promote growth in the conditions we have.”

— From the New York Times Management Reader introduction of Chapter 4 entitled “Redrawing the Borders: Managing Globally”