Cuba Libre: The Regular Filipino Guy’s Version

Cuba Libre: RFGV is best served with lots of ice. Interesting female companions optional.

Lucio Tan had nothing to do with this of course.
Save for the fact that Tan — one of the Philippines’ richest persons — controls Tanduay Holdings Inc., a company whose affiliate happens to manufacture two of three products which, mixed and measured properly, would produce a tasty and refreshing drink. [See: Lucio Tan]
It’s called Cuba Libre: The Regular Filipino Guy’s Version, a serving of which costs less than a bottle of beer. [See: Cuba Libre]
Ingredients of Cuba Libre: RFGV are as follows:

Tanduay Superior Rhum 12 years old (approximately P155 per 70 cL bottle)

Jamaica Lime Juice Cordial (approximately P40 per 350 ml bottle)

A bottle of Coca Cola
(approximately P22 per 500 ml bottle)

Put three jiggers of Tanduay, six jiggers of Coke, and three-fourths to one jigger of Jamaica Lime Juice Cordial in a tumbler. Mix vigorously for a minute or so. Load it up with lots of ice, wait for another minute until it’s cold enough, and enjoy thoroughly yet responsibly.

Disclaimer: No promotional consideration has been received by this blog from Tanduay Distillers Inc., its parent, affiliates, executives, or employees. Yep, not even a poster. Or face time with models featured on the company’s website. [See: Tanduay]