11 things that make Isaac Davis’ life worth living in Woody Allen movie, Manhattan

Screen grab of Manhattan's characters driving out of New York in what appears to be a really cool Porsche 356

1) Groucho Marx

2) Willie Mays

3) Second movement of Jupiter symphony

4) Louis Armstrong’s Potatohead blues

5) Swedish movies

6) Sentimental education by [Gustave] Flaubert

7) Marlon Brando

8) Frank Sinatra

9) Apples and Pears by [Paul] Cezanne

10) Crabs at Sam Wo’s (A Chinese restaurant on 813 Washington Street in Manhattan) [See: Sam Wo]

11) Tracy’s face (Tracy being the girlfriend of Davis, a 17-year-old high-school student played by Mariel Hemingway)

— as spoken into a microphone attached to a cassette tape recorder by Davis, played by Woody Allen, while making notes about a short story he planned to write regarding “people in Manhattan who are constantly creating neurotic problems for themselves.” [See: Manhattan The Movie]