Reading, Fast and Slow (or the Top 6 books I’ve read in 2015)

(Apologies to Daniel Kahneman, who wrote Thinking Fast and Slow, the inspiration for the title of this blog entry. The same book is also mentioned below.) 

Some books grab you by the balls and never let go unless you’re finished with them (or, for that matter, finished with you). Other books are far less dramatic, allowing you to dip into several pages on occasion, while in between meals, naps, or commutes. 

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Spinbusters, Raissa Robles, and other forces of disruption

Cover of my copy of The Future Just Happened, hastily photographed.

Cover of my copy of The Future Just Happened, hastily photographed.

[NOTICE: Please feel free to debunk my assertions because this is not expert opinion, just amateur observation, which is the result of thinking too much about several topics including the future, personal fulfillment, journalism, the Internet, and, you know, other shit like that. This piece was also brought about by reading and re-reading works by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and other journalists, whom Taleb, by the way, despises because their jobs make it difficult for them to distinguish between noise and signal. Also: I may be wrong about my assertions because of the Dunning-Kruger effect.] [See: John Cleese on the Dunning-Kruger effect]

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