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Saguisag offers to pay additional fine to speak out against President Marcos

(Photo from Marcos Martial Law: Never Again Facebook page)

(Photo from Marcos Martial Law: Never Again Facebook page)

In February 2016, minutes before the soft launch of Raissa Robles’ Marcos Martial Law: Never Again, in Makati, I was able to interview former senator Rene A. V. Saguisag, who wrote an introduction to the book. [See: Marcos Martial Law book’s Facebook page]
However, I phrased my question incorrectly, as featured in the following audio clip. I should have asked the former senator how it felt like to write an introduction to the book, not about how it felt like writing the book itself.
Good thing he got the idea, ignored my error, and all too enthusiastically provided an answer.
Saguisag recounted that shortly before Marcos imposed Martial Law in 1972, he was fined fifty pesos by a court for calling the president a subversive. After all, Marcos, his kin, and his allies—inside and outside government—not only killed and tortured their critics, they also plundered the national treasury, stealing—and this is a conservative estimate—$10 billion, if only to keep themselves in power.
Unfortunately, my interview with Saguisag failed to make it to a piece I wrote for BusinessWorld, my employer. [See: Never Forget, Never Again]
Thanks to my resolve to get my podcasting game up, here now is a portion of that interview, which I thoroughly enjoyed. (I hope you do too.)

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