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VIDEO | The Black Swan goes on tour in Tacloban

Parked at the Bohol Bike Shop in Tacloban City.

Parked at the Bohol Bike Shop in Tacloban City.

TACLOBAN–The Black Swan–the bike, not the typhoon–goes to Tacloban City.

And by Black Swan, I mean the book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, not the movie nor the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, which by the way is the funniest episode of the series ever.

I am in Tacloban, currently blogging–yes, blogging–for the Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC). And on Twitter, please follow the ICSC and the eJeepney.

Will let you know when stuff is up, some of which will appear here. In the meantime, here’s a video of a recent route that I took on the Black Swan. TTFN. Feel free to click the stop button because it runs for more than eight minutes with very minimal audio commentary.

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