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Of Charles Bukowski and BMWs

Hank Moody played by David Duchovny with unidentified female companion on his Porsche. (

Hank Moody played by David Duchovny with
unidentified female companion on his Porsche.

(Below is a slightly edited piece I’ve written for a blog that has gone offline for more than a year now and was posted in 2012 when I was still working for

Everyone wants to be Hank Moody.
That is, everyone who’s a straight, red-blooded male who has either beaten deadlines, written books, or at least seen Californication. [See: Californication]
The television series, led by David Duchovny, is about the life and times of a fictional novelist whose character is reportedly patterned after Charles Bukowski. [See: Charles Bukowski]
Simply put, Moody is a smart aleck and a babe magnet.
Whether the first makes the second possible—or vice versa—hardly matters.
After all, his charms—intellectual and otherwise—are enhanced, among others, by his wealth and his ride, a Porsche which he was able to afford after his novel made it big and later became a blockbuster movie.
Of course, not all of us guys can be Hank Moody in the same way that not all of us can afford Porsches.
But some Filipinos can still settle for the second- or arguably the third-best thing.
They may be unable to write the next bestseller or think of a witty one-liner for that hottie at the next table but they were nevertheless able to afford brand-new BMWs.
According to a report by InterAksyon business reporter Likha Cuevas-Miel, the Philippine importer of BMWs sold more cars in 2011 than in 2010. [See: BMW bucks industry slowdown]
Best-selling models are the 3 Series, which make up more than 40 percent of total sales, followed by the 1 Series, the report said, citing Glen Dasig, Asian Carmakers Corp. (ACC) executive director and sales and marketing head.
The company on Tuesday also turned over a fleet of BMW 5 Series cars to the Philippine government to be used for delegates of the 45th Asian Development Bank Annual Governor’s Meeting on May 2 to 5.
These will ferry visiting heads of states and will be driven by chauffeurs who are also trained in security and emergencies, the same report said.
Let’s hope that their plush rides and presumably luxurious accommodations will lead to a successful conference. And that the Philippines, as the host country, benefit from the agreements that may be reached.
This country still has a fighting chance to—in the words of Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator we love to hate—become great again. [See: Five things Ferdinand Marcos and Donald Draper have in common]
All officials have to do is to get their act together and boost the manufacturing sector, as the ADB itself says. [See: Manufacturing key to Philippine growth]
Let’s hope they listen.

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