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Pardon the self-promotion: mentions on Twitter

An flyer, usually distributed during Online Onsite, an event in which editors go to schools and work outside the newsroom.

On December 12, 2012—yes, 12-12-12— got what you may call a break.

Minutes after the Pope posted his first historic tweet, InterAksyon got the ball rolling and wrote an article about it, which included his tweet and reactions to it, all embedded in one story using [See: The Pope has tweeted]
About a quarter of an hour later, posted a tweet that mentioned—the platform used by major organizations including but not limited to CNN—introduced to its more than 64,000 followers on Twitter.

This twitter mention made certain people—including myself—all warm and fuzzy.

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  1. Others have
    electricity outlets useful for juicing up your iPod or your netbook. Some do

  2. Having said that, only three things stay the same: comfort room,
    television, and free bottled water and snacks onboard

  3. And since cellphones have been brought up: Stewardesses onboard trips –
    stewardesses, yes, that’s what they call themselves – would do well to

  4. ask passengers to put their cellphones on silent mode during the trip.
    Hearing cellphones go off can ruin perfectly good B-movies shown onboard