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Everything I learned from the PCIJ, I posted on Twitter

PCIJ books from part of our “graduation” gifts.

Which explains the limited number of tweets I posted.
It only goes to show the amount of important stuff I was able to understand.
But that’s another story.
For four days last week, my bosses at InterAksyon—with minimal nudging from me—allowed me to participate in a training program organized by Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ).
Entitled “Uncovering Campaign Finance, Local Power, and Governance,” the four-day session intended to further deepen participants’ coverage of the 2013 midterm elections.
I could have—ehem—posted live tweets of the event, were it not for the slow Internet connection in the hotel.
Surprisingly, Globe Telecommunications Inc.—whose Twitter account @talk2GLOBE has been trolled owing to poor service—saved the day.
Its signal at the Bayview Plaza Hotel in Manila was strong, allowing me to tweet several aspects of the event, as shown below.


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