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InterAksyon’s Bernard Testa reads a poem at Lourd de Veyra’s Chillax radio show

Bernard Testa, InterAksyon’s photographer, smiles after reading a poem without his glasses on at Lourd de Veyra’s weekly radio show, Chillax, which airs every Saturday from 9 p.m. to 11.p.m. on 92.3 FM.

Bernard Testa was late.

But the photographer for InterAksyon, TV5’s online news portal, was still able to make it in time to catch the first half of Chillax.

Hosted by Lourd de Veyra, the radio show broadcast on 92.3 FM in Novaliches had him as a guest for two weeks in a row on Saturday, July 28.

As a guest, he was required to read a poem on the air.

However, Novaliches had a problem.

Bernard left his glasses.

Fortunately, that never stopped him from reading.

He squinted and struggled, managing to finish reading the poem with some coaching from other guests, who were unable to restrain themselves as Bernard trudged on, stumbled, and continued.

The result is a recording of one of the more enjoyable broadcasts of Chillax.

Thanks, Bernard, for making our day.

And thanks again, Lourd, for having him over.

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  1. I would appreciate it if you can give me a contact detail for Bernard Testa. Thanks