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Carranza on Filipino comfort women

This photo accompanies an article posted on the account of the University of Maryland's Asian American studies program which indicates that Americans GIs also frequented comfort women. (

“There are only less than 170 Filipina comfort women still alive. Exposing plagiarism? Important but not as urgent. Calling out imprudent tweeting by public officials? Not worth more than a week of reporting. But these women coerced into sexual slavery who still have not received the apology and reparations they deserve? It’s now or never.”

— From the Facebook status of Ruben Carranza, former commissioner of the Presidential Commission on Good Government, and currently a senior associate of the New York-based International Center for Transitional Justice. The status update was posted days after a presidential aide was criticized for announcing via Twitter  how much she disliked wine served in a Vietnam state banquet attended by a delegation headed by Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. Much earlier, the Philippine Supreme Court came out with a plagiarized decision that ruled against a petition of comfort women which sought an apology and reparations from Japan.

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