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Why Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 may be the newest Twitter app

I may be exaggerating of course.

And the free T-shirt distributed during the browser’s Philippine launch didn’t make me do it. (By itself, it was cool — in the manner that gifts are cool, save for coffee mugs, pens, and paperweights — except that this lagniappe emphasized the paunch I was trying hard to contain when I tried it out. Moral lesson: Swallow the much-vaunted pride and ask for the XL next time.)

In any case, my love handles didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for IE 9’s Jump List — strong words from someone who has eschewed all things Microsoft ever since a famous Filipino writer “bribed” him with a PowerBook 520 and turned him into a Mac fanatic more than a decade ago. [See: PowerBook 520, which by the way, introduced the use of a trackpad on a laptop]

Using the Jump List, you can tweet, read a tweet, view a mention, among others, all without launching IE 9 beforehand since it works seamlessly with Windows 7 and Vista.

When it was demonstrated during the launch held last Wednesday, September 22, at Microsoft’s Philippine offices, it blew me away.

You could be checking your inbox using a separate email app — say, Thunderbird — and you could post a Tweet, all without visiting or using any of the hundreds of Twitter apps, the best of which, if you ask me, still is Destroy Twitter. [See: Destroy Twitter]

So I guess IE 9 — as a Twitter app — comes second and that’s only because of its Jump List (which, if I’m not mistaken, also allows users to send email and post their respective Facebook status updates).

Except that the use and enjoyment of these apps still remain vicarious as far as I’m concerned.

After all, I’m still using a five or so year old Macintosh PowerBook, appropriated from the same Filipino writer famous enough he wouldn’t mind even if I failed to give him — that’s Jose Y. Dalisay Jr. — credit. (As always, I remain grateful, professor. So how about I buy your Blackberry this time on friendly terms? iPhone? MacBook Air? Mint condition Volkswagen Beetle?) [See: Jose Y. Dalisay Jr.]

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