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How The Fabulous Baker Boys reduced my teenage angst

The Fabulous Baker Boys, a romance drama starring Jeff Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer, temporarily interrupted my teenage angst.

For one thing, I was nearly through my teenage years when the movie was shown in Manila sometime in 1990 (initial release in the US was on October 13, 1989).
Second, I immediately fell in love with the movie’s theme song, entitled Jack’s Theme, composed by Dave Grusin, since it encapsulates the rhythm of the City, however American.
At that point in my life, when I religiously saw Moonlighting — starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd — and the cartoon version of the Ghostbusters (both shown on ABS-CBN), I wanted to be Jack Baker.
Except that I had renounced piano lessons years earlier in favor of tennis.
What good has that decision brought me?
Nothing except to show that I’m a sap for a really good romantic drama movie. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do. It’s soundtrack’s not bad too. I got one a decade or so after the movie was released. Apparently, the CD is so  good, it was never returned.

Picture on the upper right is a screen grab from the movie. Lucky bastard behind Michelle Pfeiffer is Jeff Bridges. Now you know why I want to be Jack Baker. For some reason, I can’t upload nor post a video. FT. Will let you know my progress in this matter. Ugh.

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