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Tips for Philippine Airlines' (PAL) online fare promo (aka The Real Deal)

This is useful for those who were able to log onto the PAL website and were able to secure reservations but for some reason or other (website glitch etc.), failed to hold and/or pay for their online itineraries.

Call up Philippine Airlines’ customer service department, +632 777 5939 and explain the circumstances in detail (i.e., date and time of flight and date and time the reservation was secured online). It should appear in their records.

Philippine Airlines logo

The company will most likely extend the promo privilege and direct you to a ticketing office where you can pay for and claim your e-ticket.

This is what happened to me when I bought roundtrip tickets for my mother in law.

Good luck.

Meanwhile, click on this link for a GMANews.TV report about PAL’s website overload brought about by the online promotion.

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  1. is this for real? im calling the number right now but no one is picking up.

    thanks for the tip anyway.

  2. Oh my God. This is exactly what I was searching for numerous days and I have eventually found what I need. I really needed help this information has really helped me and I am very happy now. Thank you so much.