How to post private notes to Evernote using Twitter and your cellphone

These instructions are for those who already have Twitter and Evernote accounts and use their mobile phones for Twitter updates. Some additional but nevertheless superfluous instructions have been provided just in case.

1) Upon opening your Twitter account, follow @myEN, which is the Twitter account of Evernote.

2) @myEN will then send you a direct message on your Twitter account containing a link.

3) After clicking on the link, you will be brought to your Evernote account, which in turn, will ask you to link both your Evernote and Twitter accounts.

4) After clicking on the link accounts button, you can now save both public and private tweets on your Evernote account.

5) Here’s the fun part. Since you can update your Twitter status through your phone, you can save notes to Evernote using Twitter.*

6) To save a public tweet on your Evernote account, just type @myEN every time you update your Twitter status.

7) To save a private tweet on your Evernote account, just type d @myEN before your notes and it will immediately come up on your Evernote account.

The usual disclaimers apply. If you encounter any mistakes in this set of instructions, please do not hesitate to post a comment below. You can also send me an email at j at jackthescribbler dot com or a direct message via Twitter at scribblerjack.

*Twitter users in the Philippines should follow @tweetitow and/or visit for more information about enabling their phone to send tweets to their accounts through text messaging. As of this posting, the service is free but the text messages are not.