Drunken Dispatches

Gays have gaydars.
It’s useful for checking whether a man’s interest in Broadway musicals and/or Barbara Streisand has gone beyond levels generally acceptable for his gender.
However, no such devices are available for drunkards (or, for that matter, lesbians).
But of course, I may be wrong.
Which is why I was amused when an acquaintance from eastern Metro Manila managed to track me down and asked me to have a beer with him on a day when I was doing exactly nothing.
The government agency that hired me a year ago as a consultant was shuttered by no less than the President.
With the shutdown, I wasn’t expecting checks to arrive anytime soon from the Aquino administration.
As expected, for the next month or so, budget for beer would be tightened, if only to cover life’s non-essentials like food and rent.
In short, on that day the guy tracked me down, I had very little to look forward to. So why stay sober at all?
I agreed to drink, even with someone who was practically a stranger.
A few text messages later, we met at a hole-in-the-wall in Quezon City.
After the pleasantries — which took about six bottles of beer — he then popped the question: Was I willing to blog regularly for this Tumblr.com site that he was putting up?
It’s called Drunken Dispatches, a blog about anything vaguely related to drinking. [See: Drunken Dispatches]
“It’s not literature. It’s a blog,” he said, wolfing down our pulutan like an Islamic guy on the first sundown of this period when they don’t eat during the daytime.
At first, I wasn’t too impressed.
Sure, I probably drank more regularly than the regular drinker and therefore had more material to offer and perhaps even blog about.
But I needed cold hard cash, which he didn’t offer.
In any case, money didn’t matter eventually.
Just being asked to join was an honor. Or so I found out later.
The quality of the blog’s content exceeded those found on other websites, such as, for instance, this one.
One entry talked about a breakup, another dealt with about liquid courage. The latest, as of this posting, discussed the perils of commuting while drunk.
So now, I’m waiting for him to allow me to post my own entries on the website.
I guess he better do that soon before a real day job gets in the way of my drunken dispatches.

Around the world in a week

Or to be more accurate, 13 countries in 10 days, a journey that, while certainly possible given the ease of global travel, may prove to be harmful to one’s health, not to mention one’s finances.
Except that I’m not talking about my trips nor those taken by any entity for that matter.
I’m referring to this website, or blog, as the case may be, a repository of my thoughts and impressions — some politically incorrect — about the world in general and yes, nothing in particular (which by the way is the name of my previous blog at WordPress.com).
For the past ten days, at least one person from 13 countries in Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East visited jackthescribbler.com.
That’s according to Google Analytics, which provided the requisite numbers regarding this website, as of the midnight hour of Thursday, December 3, 2009.
Anyway, of the 13 countries on that list, the Philippines placed first, with 121 unique visitors.
Coming in a far second was the United States with 13 unique visitors.
Singapore placed third with three unique visitors (how uniquely Singaporean). The same goes for Thailand, Turkey, and Colombia, which placed fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.
Two visitors came from Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, which placed seventh and eighth on the list. Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Hungary, and India were among those on the last tier of the list, with just one unique visitor each.
The sole UK visitor dropped by the site for a mere three seconds but the longest ones who stayed, hanging out for more than ten minutes, were from — surprisingly — Thailand.
Pageviews are currently at 1,177, with each unique visitor staying long enough to click on more than seven and a half pages.
That’s certainly not bad, even for a website that offers no pictures of scantily-clad women. Or at least not yet.
Until then, thanks for visiting and reading, even if its just for three seconds.

Just one more from the self-promotion dept. If I’m not mistaken, a user even enrolled this blog in his /her bloglines account, allowing him/her to check for updates everyday. Hi there. You know who you are. Thanks for the ego massage.