This tweet made my day


Oh, yes it did.
As I was checking out 140-character messages of several popular individuals on—where else?—Twitter, I was surprised to find out that a former co-worker took to the microblogging platform to express what he felt. Continue reading

Everything I learned from the PCIJ, I posted on Twitter

PCIJ books from part of our “graduation” gifts.

Which explains the limited number of tweets I posted.
It only goes to show the amount of important stuff I was able to understand.
But that’s another story.
For four days last week, my bosses at InterAksyon—with minimal nudging from me—allowed me to participate in a training program organized by Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ).
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InterAksyon’s Bernard Testa reads a poem at Lourd de Veyra’s Chillax radio show

Bernard Testa, InterAksyon’s photographer, smiles after reading a poem without his glasses on at Lourd de Veyra’s weekly radio show, Chillax, which airs every Saturday from 9 p.m. to 11.p.m. on 92.3 FM.

Bernard Testa was late.

But the photographer for InterAksyon, TV5’s online news portal, was still able to make it in time to catch the first half of Chillax.

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Check out the Paolo Blaquera Trio at Tago Jazz Bar

I hope you have as much fun listening to the Paolo Blaquera Trio as I did recording them on a warm Friday night at the Tago Jazz Bar on Main Avenue in Quezon City.

Thanks to my Zoom H1, which I carry everywhere, doing an on-the-spot recording of the trio’s gig was easy.

All I had to do was to plug on the windscreen and screw the tripod to the Zoom H1 and—voila!—I was, in my own way, documenting what may well be pieces of Philippine jazz history.

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