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Adventures in biking and beercasting

The Black Swan along Magsaysay Boulevard in Tacloban City. The bike and the beer are no longer with me.

The Black Swan (the name of the bike) is photographed along Magsaysay Boulevard in Tacloban City last year. The bike and the contents of the bottle are now gone.

Below is a two-minute or so long podcast—a collection of several sound files recorded before Christmas last year—that I recently put together using Audacity for the Mac.

To get at these snippets, I merely turned on the Zoom H2 (now barely functioning after its screen was crushed), added some cold beverages, and invited friendly company in the person of Dennis Estopace, a fellow media worker who, like me, also rides his bike to work.

From the Give Credit to Where Credit is Due Dept. Thanks to Samantha Gonzales and Virgil Villanueva, whom I bothered during a holiday for additional Audacity instructions.

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