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Make me an offer I can’t refuse: Granta Magazines for sale

The only thing kept in order at the apartment.

I give up.
I’m selling some of my Granta Magazines as shown in these tweets and pictures below.
These are my spare copies and I chose to buy them because I then thought and felt that I, and only I—being a sensitive, kind, and intelligent soul—could appreciate their contents.
Now, they’re looking for new caretakers, preferably those who appreciate good writing, both in the fields of journalism and literature. I collect Granta Magazines and my collection is the most extensive—I think—in this country. Of course, that’s me speaking, a person who claims to be sensitive, kind, and intelligent, just like say, Andal Ampatuan Jr.
As of this posting, I have 74 issues, excluding three anthologies and a spare copy of the Murder issue (apparently, there are two versions of it—American and British.)
I could decide to give these spare copies away but that’s become something of a financial and logistical liability. After all, I did spend hard-earned money and have invested time to look for them.
But enough blather. Make me an offer through email (j at jackthescribbler dot com) or by mentioning me or sending me a direct message on Twitter. Discounts available but only if you can prove to be sensitive, kind, and intelligent.

Granta Magazines for sale

Storified by Robert JA Basilio Jr· Fri, Mar 01 2013 20:28:18

Issue 36 covers Mario Vargas Llosa’s sorties when he ran for president of Peru, Part 3 of Martin Amis’ Time’s Arrow JA Basilio Jr
Issue 38 features The Adjuster, short story of Tracy Kidder, who won a Pulitzer Prize for The Soul of a New Machine JA Basilio Jr
Issue 52 includes Joan Smith’s People Eaters, food diary of Georges Perec, who wrote novel without using letter "e" JA Basilio Jr
Issue 69 has 4 stories by Paul Theroux, Richard William’s search for a lost trumpeter, Assassin by Henk van Woerden JA Basilio Jr

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