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I went to Jakarta and all I got was an outrageous cellphone bill from Globe Telecommunications

Ang lakas mo sa Globe? I don’t think so. (

Let me repeat that: I went to Jakarta and all I got was an outrageous cellphone bill from Globe Telecommunications Inc.
Of course, I’m exaggerating.
After all, I went around Indonesia’s capital and helped myself to books in Kinokuniya, a 1:43 replica of a 1960s Mercedes Benz, and a Lamy pen.
I enjoyed my brief stay in Jakarta, my second visit in more than a decade.
The enjoyment was short-lived.
A day after coming home to the warm and fuzzy confines of the NAIA terminal 1, it appears that I have also brought a present to Globe–my cellphone service provider–without knowing about it beforehand.
In a text message, Globe said that it may disallow me from sending text messages and placing calls if I fail to settle a previous bill (which I already paid for a day before I posted this entry) AND half of what appear to be global roaming fees worth—maestro, music please—P9,000++.

The welcome home message I received from Globe. (Photo by Paolo Deyto)

Yes, friends, felons, and fellow travelers, Globe told me that it will cut off my service if I fail to pay P4,500 within two days.
Which is fine, really, except for two reasons.
First, after receiving the text message, I called them up immediately and the guy I talked to wasn’t able to itemize my bill; which is to say that Globe was billing me fees for something it doesn’t know it was charging me in the first place.
Last, but certainly not the least, I had gone to a Globe branch a day before I left, asking its representative to enroll me in a special program that would allow me to get cheaper global roaming rates. Before I left the branch, I was given the assurance that I was well on my way to enjoying mobile services in Singapore and Jakarta.
Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.
Which now explains why I posted several tweets about the matter, prompting some five or so Twitter users to retweet them and/or inquire about my experience.
Now I just want to ask: What exactly is going on, Globe? Is this the way you treat a customer for 13 years?


I went to Jakarta and all I got was an outrageous phone bill

Storified by Robert JA Basilio Jr· Mon, Mar 04 2013 04:05:21

Ang kapal ng @talk2GLOBE for threatening to cut me off for bills it can’t itemize. #betterinternet I’ve been a LOYAL CUSTOMER for 13 years.Robert JA Basilio Jr
.@talk2GLOBE sent me text message saying I should settle half of charges incurred while abroad–which it can’t itemize–or I will be cut offRobert JA Basilio Jr
.@talk2GLOBE is charging me P9000++ (US$ 200++) for using my phone in Singapore, Indonesia for 4 DAYS. Didn’t even surf, for crying out loudRobert JA Basilio Jr
While in Singapore, Indonesia, I just got a 5-minute call, sent 5 or so texts. I also enrolled in special, cheaper roaming @talk2GLOBE plan.Robert JA Basilio Jr
For my all efforts to secure lower roaming fees, @talk2GLOBE sends me outrageous bill with threat of cutting me off if I don’t pay half soonRobert JA Basilio Jr
I called up @talk2GLOBE yesterday and guy I talked to was unable to explain nor figure out why my @talk2GLOBE bill reached P9000++.Robert JA Basilio Jr
@scribblerjack @talk2GLOBE has huge problem w/ billing. Has been charging me for data services for 3mos when I have an unli-surf plan.Sef Cagoco-Gaspar
@scribblerjack @talk2GLOBE makes d necessary bill adjustments but d inconvenience of having to report it every month & can’t explain error.Sef Cagoco-Gaspar
I’ve gone to one of your offices @MariaofGlobe. I don’t take these things lightly even though I can settle fees now. I just want explanationRobert JA Basilio Jr
.@KirkOfGlobe I got miffed at threat of cutting service if I don’t pay half of charges–which you can’t explain nor itemize in the 1st placeRobert JA Basilio Jr
.@KirkOfGlobe Ang yabang lang ng dating. If you don’t pay, we’ll cut you off. When I inquired about these fees, you failed to explain them.Robert JA Basilio Jr
I asked @talk2GLOBE to itemize fees but they were unable to do so, @clearjiao. Enrolled in a special, cheaper roaming program before I left.Robert JA Basilio Jr
.@talk2GLOBE has yet to itemize my bill, @clearjiao, it’s that plain and simple. Just felt insulted when they threatened to cut off service.Robert JA Basilio Jr

(Disclaimer: I don’t cover the telecommunications beat but I’m employed by a company affiliated with Smart Communications Inc., a Globe rival. I also own shares in Ayala Corp., a company affiliated with Globe Telecommunications Inc.)

From The Plot Thickens Dept. Phoebe Trinidad whom I follow on Twitter had this to say after I posted a tweet containing a link to this blog entry.