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Boyle on writing

“Take the writers out of the classes, put them in dark cells with a plug for their monitors, a slot at the top of the door for pizza and a slot at the bottom for waste. Every time a finished story comes back out that top slot, you write them a check for a thousand dollars. In six months, you’ll have Tolstoy.”

T. C. Boyle, portions of response to question “What are your teaching methods?” in an interview as published in The Paris Review 155, Summer 2000

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  1. ?i din sânge, va duce la degradarea,
    oboseal?, sl?biciune, constipa?ie, pierderea poftei de mâncare, diminuarea
    masei musculare,

  2. The real battle for people like Paul isn’t with the the rest of
    the field. It’s more intrinsi;
    their battle is the fight within themselves, and the machine they’ve chosen to
    build as an extension of themselves