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Anonymous on Ecstasy

“Ecstasy is delicious. Or, put it another way, Ecstasy is delicious and I recommend highly, loudly and long that everyone whose health — physical and psychological — does not contraindicate or preclude its ingestion, ought to ingest it. Young/old, man/woman, rich/poor, gay/straight, black/white, saint/sinner, genius/dolt, Christian and Jew and Muslim, Democrat, Republican and Independent, lawmaker and lawbreaker, heartbreaker and soulshaker, the sexually degenerate and sexually celibate, the whole damn Rainbow Coalition. (Am I being deliberately provocative? Of course. As I am being entirely serious.)
Go out, I admonish you, all of you, hie thyselves thither, hit the streets, or collar that neighborhood kid, drum up a contact, do a deal, repair thyselves home, soften the lights, put on some music — the best stuff — pour yourself a pitcher of ice water, perhaps two, keep a tin of Altoids handy, as well as a tube of Vicks inhalant and a couple of packs of mineral ice, make yourself comfortable, lay back and…swallow.
Swallow that pill, let it slide, feel the glide, and relax. Quiet your mind. Calm your soul. An hour from now, perhaps somewhere less, you are going to experience something you have never experienced before. You are going to experience something you will never forget. You are going to experience something that shall forever change such time as remains to you on this earth. You are going to experience something that will halve your life into before and after: BE/AE. You are going to experience something that is, every second of it, delicious — deliciously, positively, unprecendently w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.”

— Anonymous on Confessions of a middle-aged ecstasy eater as published in Granta 74

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